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About the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates

Over 25 Years of Experience. Serving the Accused Throughout Maryland.

Attorney James E. Crawford did not always intend on opening his own law practice. For a long time, he dreamed of playing professional basketball. Along with that burning desire for the sport was the desire to do something big, something really astounding. By going to law school, Attorney Crawford traded one kind of court for another and made the decision to provide legal guidance to help Maryland’s most vulnerable get their lives back.

The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates believes:

  • A great criminal defense attorney protects their clients at all costs
  • The American judicial system is the greatest product and system ever invented by mankind

This legal system, while great can be flawed. When broken down to its basic elements, it is simply an adversarial system where the best, smartest, and strongest party secures the best outcome they can. As a criminal defense lawyer, we think of the court of law and the end result being fair, just, moral, and equitable. We expect our courts to hand out moral and fair judgments in every trial. That is not always the case.

Discuss your situation with an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer by calling (443) 709-9999. We are available 24/7 when you need an advocate.

You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law

When people come to the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates after being charged with a crime in Maryland, they want to secure the best result. If they have a prior criminal history, they may want to stay out of jail. Other times the accused is worried about having any kind of criminal charge on their record. The reality is that most people are simply scared to death when they are charged. They have no idea what to do or how to act, which is when an experienced criminal defense attorney in Baltimore, Bel  Air, Annapolis, and the rest of Maryland is invaluable.

When you meet with our firm, we:

  • Get to know you personally
  • Assess the situation
  • Get into the facts of the case
  • Discuss your considerations and assessments
  • Talk about the possible outcomes

A good criminal defense lawyer will then analyze the law and very carefully apply it to the facts presented. The primary job of a criminal defense lawyer is to advise a client. Advice can mean explaining the law, the chances of success, and what could happen in their situation, as well as the mechanical process.

What a Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Does for You

We stand in your shoes during the court process to represent your rights and your interests. Our criminal defense lawyer wants to see that the government can prove each and every element of their case against the defendant. A lawyer’s job is to simply protect the public and individuals from being prosecuted indiscriminately. Our law firm has handled a range of claims against defendants and is skilled in determining whether the state or federal government has a case.

We’ve taken that same fundamental thought process and applied it to all of our criminal defense strategies for clients throughout the state of Maryland and in Federal District Court. Because our system is an adversarial system where one party succeeds and the other one doesn’t, it’s extremely important to use every resource possible. We are proud to be that resource for countless clients in the greater Baltimore area and the state of Maryland in our over 25 years of practicing law.

History of the James E Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC Law Firm

The firm was founded by James Crawford Jr. in 1991, in Baltimore Maryland. Originally, it was just Jim practicing law. Because of Jim’s background in civil litigation and representing insurance companies, he began doing civil work, criminal and domestic. He worked for insurance companies doing serious civil litigation such as wrongful death cases, major truck accidents, etc.

As a young lawyer, he had been groomed by other more experienced well-known lawyers such as Patrick O’Doherty, Peter Angelos, Thomas Mankin and of course his father James Crawford Sr.

Jim made his first employee hire about 2 years after he began practicing. The truth is, he couldn’t afford an employee for a while until the wheel started turning, which they did very quickly!

He hired Dawn Basso as a legal secretary. Dawn has been with the firm since 1992 and now is the office Manager. Twelve years ago he hired Zack Gooves who had evolved into one of the premier leading young domestic lawyers in the state of Maryland. He is recognized by Judges, lawyer, scholars, and clients throughout the entire state.

Over the years the firm evolved into a premier mid-sized law firm. In 2005 Jim build and purchased a building off Route 695 in Arbutus and made that his home base for the firm. Since that time the firm has expanded with 7 lawyers and a total of 14 staff. We primarily handed criminal matters, domestic & family matters and civil litigation. The firm handles matters in Baltimore city, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Harford County, and the rest of the state of Maryland.

As a top-rated law firm, Jim’s office always gives you 100% percent effort. The one promise he makes to every client is that “we will do our utmost to fill every expectation and hope that our clients have.” – Jim Crawford

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