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Is Habeas Corpus Dead?

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  • Creating a New Legal Culture

    Out of Necessity Breeds Innovation Lawyers are stubborn. I admit it, I’m one of them. For decades lawyers have focused and practiced law in an ...

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  • Is Habeas Corpus Dead?

    Writ of Habeas Corpus Criminal defense attorneys are a funny breed. We believe in the Constitution and hold tight onto each and every individual right ...

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  • Hip Quick Legal Tip | Shoplifting

    Hi, Jim Crawford here for your Hip Quick Legal Tip. Today I want to talk to you very quickly and briefly about shoplifting. You know ...

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  • Hip Quick Legal Tip | Bail Reviews in The State of Maryland

    Hi everybody, this is Jason Fox from the Law Offices of James Crawford Law, giving you a Hip Quick Legal Tip. Alright, so today I ...

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  • Hip Quick Legal Tip | DUI and MVA Issues in Maryland

    Hi, my name is Mark Sobel, I am a traffic and criminal defense attorney here at the Law Offices of James Crawford.  I would like ...

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  • Hip Quick Legal Tip | Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Issues

    Hi, I’m Jim Crawford, welcome to the Hip Quick Legal Tip. Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. It’s ...

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  • Hip Quick Legal Tip | Domestic Violence

    Hi, I’m Jim Crawford. Welcome to the Hip Quick Legal Tip. Today I’m going to talk about domestic violence in Maryland, and what to expect ...

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  • What to Do When You Encounter a DUI or Sobriety Checkpoint in Maryland

    If you drive in Maryland long enough, the chances are fairly high that you will happen upon a DUI checkpoint eventually. When it happens, the ...

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  • Theft Convictions in Maryland

    Theft Charges Never Go Away Everywhere you turn someone is judging you based upon your history and background. It’s just a fact of life and ...

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  • What To Do When Charged With Assault in the State of Maryland

    We regularly speak to people who have perfectly clean records, but somehow ended up coming to talk to us after being charged with assault. How ...

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