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  • Theft Convictions in Maryland

    Theft Charges Never Go Away Everywhere you turn someone is judging you based upon your history and background. It’s just a fact of life and ...

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  • What To Do When Charged With Assault in the State of Maryland

    We regularly speak to people who have perfectly clean records, but somehow ended up coming to talk to us after being charged with assault. How ...

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  • Recent Dragnet by Maryland ICAC Leads to 58 Child Porn Arrests

    If you’ve been keeping up with local news, then you’ve probably heard that authorities arrested nearly 60 people in Maryland recently on child sexual exploitation ...

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  • Your Free Consultation – What You Need to Know

    The moment you realize you need a criminal defense attorney can bring feelings of shock, sadness, anxiety and a host of other emotions. With a ...

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  • We’re Moving to a New Headquarters on Monday, July 8th

    We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today. As of Monday, July 8th, we will be moving down the road to our ...

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  • When Your Web Surfing Gets You In Trouble With The Law

    Like most people, you probably wouldn’t want anyone going through your internet history. Perhaps you look at adult content websites occasionally, or even often, but ...

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  • The Social & Legal Ramifications of Sex Accusations

    Legal Ramifications Just when you think it’s bad enough based upon what others are saying about you on social media or in other community forums, ...

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  • Top 5 Mistakes when being Investigated for a Sex Offense

    The truth of the matter is that most of us never really even consider the possibility that someone could accuse us of committing a sexual ...

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  • Getting Bail in a Domestic Violence or Sex Offense Case in Maryland is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

    Finding out that you or loved one have been charged with a domestic violence or sex offense case is daunting enough, but then you have ...

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  • Sex Offenses Crimes in Maryland Explained

    The criminal landscape for sexual offenses in Maryland has been evolving for decades. The Maryland Legislature is constantly creating tougher laws and penalties for convicted ...

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