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  • Baltimore police officer faces sex crime charges involving minor

    A sex crime charge is serious. When the alleged sex offense involves a minor, the stakes are even higher. Authorities aggressively investigate and pursue these ...

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  • Baltimore man faces trial on rape charges

    While rape cases often involve DNA and other technical evidence, they typically boil down to the testimony of the alleged victim. Because these are emotionally-charged ...

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  • Secret Boy Scouts files secret no more, unveil sexual abuse

    Despite the fact that the Boy Scouts organization was conducting a “self-review” of its so-called sexual predator blacklist , a court ordered the release of ...

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  • Snoop from “The Wire” arrested in Baltimore drug raid

    In an ironic twist, the actress who played the role of a hit-man in a Baltimore drug gang was recently arrested in a series of ...

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  • Tagged Facebook photos help cops nab partying burglars

    Dianne Gallagher, reporting for NBC Charlotte, tells us to remember to be careful what we post online. Social networking site Facebook is playing more and ...

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  • Young woman unfairly charged with prostitution-related crime?

    According to her mother, the 20-year-old has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. Whether or not that’s true, the authorities in one state have charged ...

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  • Bus driver carrying passengers to Baltimore charged with DUI

    A driver of a BoltBus traveling from New York to Baltimore was recently arrested for drunk driving. According to authorities, the driver was handling the ...

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  • About the Maryland sex offender registry

    “If a person wants to straighten out,” a Maryland resident said, “they should be given the opportunity to straighten out, but it’s important for people ...

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  • Criticism of civil commitment, sex offender registry, residency laws

    “This area is a major challenge for rational policy making, and there is little political support for change,” said Paul Appelbaum, M.D., as Aaron Levin ...

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  • Elmo puppeteer’s reputation in the wake of a sex crime allegation

    In the eyes of the general public, people accused of sex crimes do not deserve much sympathy. Many people might go so far as to ...

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