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  • Handgun Charges in Maryland

    You have been charged with Wearing, Carrying or Transporting a handgun illegally in Maryland, what should you do, and how should you handle it? What ...

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  • First Steps to Take when Being Charged

    Charged with a crime or being investigated in Maryland? Remember these words: “I want to speak to my attorney” If you have been charged with ...

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  • Fake Sexual Allegations. How Common are They?

    The answer is, we may never fully know as a society how many allegations are truly false. But, what we do know statistically, is that ...

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  • Does the Truth Matter in Sex Offense Cases in Maryland?

    The truth does not always “set you free” in defending sex offense allegations in Maryland Truth may play a part in the outcome of any ...

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  • Important Steps to Take If Accused of a Sex Crime

    Whether you are charged with sexual assault or child pornography, being accused of a sex crime is a complete nightmare. Although criminal law says a ...

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  • Possible Defenses to Child Pornography Charges in Maryland

    When someone is accused of a federal child pornography crime, the opposition will be powerful and intent. People expect to see the prosecution zealously seek ...

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  • Child Pornography Law Explained

    Crimes involving child pornography carry harsh penalties at both the state and federal levels. Many child pornography crimes are carried out online and often involve ...

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  • CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, A letter to a client of how law enforcement works with Bit Torrent share networks

    Below is a typical letter I will send to a client "after" their home or business has been raided by police or federal Agents for ...

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  • Making the Legal Profession all it can be

    Recently, my daughter received an award at a ceremony prior to attending a fellowship at a hospital in Portugal in furthering her medical school career. ...

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  • How the Cosby case causes evidentiary rifts in common sense

    Evidence is not what you think, it’s what the Judge thinks! This Case could have "long arms" and consequences in Maryland Courts Everyone was shocked ...

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