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  • You could be accused of a Sex offense crime “at the drop of a hat”

    Sex Crimes in Maryland We all think we are "impenetrable" and most of us believe that no real harm or evil will come upon us. ...

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  • Child Pornography Charges – A Zero Sum Game

    Federal and State Child Pornography Charges are sometimes fatal even when they don’t have to be. One of the most difficult  issues people face  in ...

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  • Overview of the Criminal Process

    Overview of the Criminal Process By Jim Crawford The Investigation Begins Criminal investigations and charges originate in several ways in Maryland. One of the most ...

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  • Does a Computer Expert Play a role in Maryland Child Pornography cases?

    byJames E. Crawford Jr. A Maryland criminal defense attorney Does Your Lawyer have access to a good Child Pornography Computer Expert? The answer to whether ...

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  • Top 5 big things to realize about Sex offense cases in Maryland

    By James E. Crawford Jr. A Baltimore, Maryland criminal defense lawyer Finding out your being investigated or charged for a Sex offense is a scary ...

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  • Is there any light at the end of the tunnel if I’m charged with possession of Child Pornography?

    "I don’t know where to start in this situation"! The answer to the title question, "is there is any light at the end of the ...

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  • The Point Suspension dilemma for Maryland drivers charged with “Driving while Suspended”

    "The Points add up, but I need to keep driving because I will loose my job" I’ve been practicing law for 27 years and I ...

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  • Top 5 Things “Not To Do” If Charged With a Crime in Maryland

    Don’t do these 5 things! By James Crawford I have been practicing law for 27 years and so often when I get involved in a ...

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      STATE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CRIMINAL CHARGES by James E Crawford Jr. Esq. “The Day They Come to your House or Business” This blog is part ...

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    Bail In Maryland District Courts “The legislature needs to fix this” Over the years the issue of newly charged defendants looking to get out on ...

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