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  • Long trial for naval academy midshipmen accused of sexual assault

    Sexual assault is one of the most vilified crimes in American law books, and as such it is always vigorously investigated and prosecuted. In all ...

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  • Man accused of beating says he was trying to protect daughter

    Though violent crime is always an illegal act, if we look into the circumstances that led to the violent action, we can often come to ...

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  • Maryland man gets 5 years for parole violation

    When a Maryland court grants parole to someone convicted of a crime, judges generally view it as a light sentence. After all, parole is generally ...

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  • Maryland man sentenced to 11 years for drug crime

    Drug crimes are among the most harshly punished offenses in our society. Ever since the War on Drugs began in the late 1980s, prison terms ...

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  • Maryland men arrested on drug charges

    As we mentioned in a previous post, jurisdictions across America will no longer be seeking mandatory minimum sentences from drug offenses. While this will likely ...

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  • Police name Baltimore shooting suspect “Public Enemy Number One”

    When police officers identify a suspect in a serious crime, such as an assault or a murder, they go to great lengths to locate him ...

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  • 3 Maryland drunk drivers arrested in 3 hours

    In an operation, they’re calling “Checkpoint Strikeforce,” police officers in Harford County recently arrested three alleged intoxicated drivers at a sobriety checkpoint near the town ...

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  • Autistic computer science student arrested for internet crimes

    Mental health issues are always a difficult subject in the area of the law and justice. On the one hand, when a person causes pain ...

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  • Baltimore police officer charged in relation to shooting accident

    Police officers in Maryland and across the country train extensively to ensure that they are able to use their firearms properly. When used in the ...

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  • Club drug “Molly” tied to Maryland

    Most of our readers have probably heard of “ecstasy,” the drug commonly used in dance clubs due to the euphoric highs it can create. What ...

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