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An accusation of identity theft can irreparably damage your reputation, in addition to the steep fees and prison time you could be penalized with. Rates of identity theft have been on the rise in recent years and law enforcement has grown more vigilant in prosecuting these criminals. Unfortunately, overzealous practices have led many innocent people to be accused of this crime.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, our Baltimore federal crime lawyers have represented many people who were charged with identity theft. We understand how white collar crimes cases like this work and the strategy needed to build a successful defense.

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Defenses for Identity Theft Accusations

On the surface, it might seem strange that anyone could falsely be accused of identity theft. The truth is that this charge is not as cut and dry as it sounds—it goes beyond the simple premise of knowingly using the identity of another for personal gain or professional sabotage. You can be charged for identity theft simply for possessing identification documents belonging to someone else such as a credit card.

The following are some possible defense strategies available for identity theft accusations:

  • The identification documents were willfully given to you by the alleged victim and you were using them on their behalf
  • There was never an intent to use the documents for illegal purposes
  • You never had the means to perform the crimes you are accused of
  • You accidentally used someone else’s identification in an illegal manner
  • You came into possession of someone else’s identification documents by accident

Even if you believe you are guilty of some form of wrongdoing, you will want to have an attorney protecting your best interests in the courtroom. Prosecutors often add additional charges on top of identity theft cases. You deserve fair treatment in court that focuses on the topic at hand.

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Identity theft is a serious charge that will have lifelong consequences if you are convicted. Prosecutors know how to build cases that make defendants appear guilty of all the charges against them. You will need a skilled attorney in your corner who can fight the prosecution on an even playing field. The Baltimore identity theft defense lawyers from Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates are here to help.

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