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Unlawful Search & Seizure in Maryland

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Every citizen has a fundamental constitutional right against law enforcement agencies making unlawful searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable government intrusion into their vehicles, homes, business, and even persons. Unfortunately, police continue to perform searches without a valid search warrant or reason.

At the Law Offices of James. E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, we will protect your rights and future against illegal search and seizure. If our Maryland criminal defense lawyer determines that any evidence related to your alleged crime was seized through an unlawful search, we can file a motion to suppress and help you get your entire case dismissed.

How the Fourth Amendment Protects You

Every time police engage in a search and seizure, several rules—and even exceptions—apply. In order to conduct a “reasonable” search and seizure, law enforcement must demonstrate that it is more likely than not a criminal offense has been committed and it is probable evidence of the crime will be discovered upon a search. This is also known as probable cause.

Furthermore, the police can perform a search if a judge issues a search warrant. In some circumstances, law enforcement can conduct a warrantless search if a suspect provides consent to a search, if there is an imminent danger to an officer’s life, if evidence of a crime is in plain view, or the search occurs after a lawful arrest to protect the safety of officers or evidence.

When an officer fails to obtain probable cause, a search warrant, or a person’s consent, it is considered as an “unreasonable” search and seizure. If a person’s Fourth Amendment constitutional rights are violated and a search or seizure is deemed illegal, any evidence obtained from that search or seizure can be withheld from being used in the criminal case.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Maryland, our criminal defense lawyer can help you determine whether or not an unlawful search or seizure was performed and help you get your criminal case thrown out. We can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine if any of the evidence can be challenged.

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