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Federal Sex Offenses in Maryland

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Most of the time, sex offenses are tried on a state level, which means your case will be adjudicated in a state criminal court. However, when a sex offense is against the law on a federal level, it could be prosecuted in federal court instead of or in addition to state level court. Federal sex offenses are tried and adjudicated in federal criminal court, and they can carry some incredibly harsh penalties if you’re convicted. If you find yourself facing federal-level charges, you can’t afford to take these accusations lightly—reach out to a Maryland sex crimes attorney with experience in federal sex offense cases as soon as possible.

Attorney James E. Crawford, Jr. believes that everyone deserves the best possible representation when they’re facing criminal accusations in order to give themselves the best possible chance at a positive outcome. He understands how stressful and difficult federal crime accusations can be, as well as how much is at stake when it comes to sex offenses. At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, we take a unique approach that gets to know you and the circumstances of your case in order to build the most effective defense possible. We believe that this level of thorough preparation and personal investment leads to not only the best service experience, but to the best possible results.

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Federal or State Level Crime?

United States law usually leaves the majority of criminal offenses to the state where they take place in. However, offenses which take place over state lines as well as certain offenses which are outlined in federal criminal codes are considered federal offenses and are thus tried in federal court.

Something that is against the law both on a state and federal level may be tried on both levels. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that you can be tried twice for the same offense without violating your protection against double jeopardy as long as the trials are on different jurisdiction levels.

The majority of federal sex offenses are the particularly aggravated ones, including sexual assault, child pornography, rape, and many other sexual offenses involving children. Human trafficking is also usually tried on both a state and federal level as most states (including Maryland) have their own laws prohibiting these actions as well.

National Sex Offender Registration

Federal sex crimes may mandate that you register as a sex offender on a national level. Whereas state-level sex offenses generally only require that you register as an offender in the state you live in, national offenders go into a database for the entire country. This means your information such as your name, address of residence, headshot picture, and a description of the offense you were convicted of are all in a database that’s publicly-accessible by anyone with an internet connection.

Even though you may not be required to register for life, many times the entries in this database stay for the rest of your life and will continue to come up on criminal history background checks. That means you could struggle to find housing, employment, or even affect your interactions with other people you come into contact with.

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