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DNA Evidence & Testing

Baltimore Sex Crime Defense Lawyers: Challenging DNA Evidence

Since 1987, DNA has been an important factor in American criminal cases, and when it comes to sex crimes, this is no exception. Prosecutors will try to use any scrap of DNA evidence at their disposal to convict a defendant of a sex crime. This makes winning any criminal cases where DNA evidence is involved very difficult.

It’s not impossible, though. With a practiced understanding of the law and knowledge of the many flaws that come with DNA evidence, defendants accused of sex crimes can still get acquitted, even if the prosecution initially seems to have a strong case against them.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, we know how to strategically challenge the DNA evidence in sex crimes cases, and we are prepared to help you fight the allegations that have been made against you. Call one of our Baltimore defense attorneys today at (443) 709-9999.

Possible Defenses Against DNA: What You Need to Know to Get Acquitted

DNA evidence does not automatically mean you will be found guilty. There are several defenses that can be used the challenge DNA evidence, including:

  • Suspect didn’t know what they were consenting to: Although legally volunteered DNA is often used in criminal cases in Maryland, it is important defendants know their rights so they don’t get pressured into submitting DNA evidence without their consent. The criminal justice system often puts undue pressure on suspects to confess and give up evidence. If you believe your DNA was collected under false pretenses or obtained under pressure, it may be possible to argue it as inadmissible.
  • DNA degrades after 72 hours: After 72 hours, DNA evidence begins to disintegrate. For sex crimes that weren’t reported in the first 3 days, any DNA collected may be less reliable. It is unfair to use DNA as a lynchpin in these cases if a reasonable margin of error in the time frame exists.
  • DNA was not handled properly: Not only does DNA evidence begin to degrade after 72 hours, it may also be less reliable if not handled properly. Increased evidence shows that DNA evidence is not nearly as trustworthy as many once thought it to be, and if one thing is mismanaged in its collection, a whole case may now be up for debate. For DNA to count as valid evidence, there must be no question of contamination or tampering.

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It’s hard to argue against DNA in sex crimes, but there are many ways to throw out DNA evidence successfully. If you have been accused of a sex crime or another serious offense, DNA need not be the reason to give up hope on your case.

Were you accused of a sex crime or other federal offense where DNA could be used by the prosecution? Don’t waste any more time. Call (443) 709-9999 or request a consultation with James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates here.

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