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Attorney Zack Groves

Attorney Zack GrovesSuccess for our clients does not come from chance or luck. Positive results can only be obtained by grit, determination, and an unwavering goal of getting the best possible result for our clients. One other great lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, was directly on point when he stated, “always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”

Mr. Lincoln was exactly correct and I have molded my legal career based on this principle. The drive and resolution I possess are the tools that I have used to elevate in the legal profession.

My path to becoming a lawyer illustrates my drive to succeed. At age 18, I had a hunch that perhaps I wanted to become a lawyer, but I wanted to learn firsthand what the practice of law encompassed. At that time, I had no contacts within the field, no legal experience, and no idea how to get started. Despite these challenges, I decided to pick up the yellow book to call local lawyers to inquire about an internship. Naturally, I started with the letter “A” and called every lawyer with an “A” last name. None would accept me. I then moved on to “B” with the same plan. None would accept me. I then moved on to “C” and eventually, when I got to “Cochran”, I finally get an invite to come and meet with an attorney. Despite being rejected over and over again, my resolve did not waiver. This was something I had put my mind to and was willing to work until the goal was reached.

This is where I began my legal career. At age 18, I received an internship with the Law Offices of Eileen Cochran, P.C. My work at this office continued for 4 years in between school years. As an assistant, I learned the inner workings of a private law firm. I attend trials, prepared files, and saw what it took to succeed in private practice. My time in this office cemented my belief that becoming a trial lawyer was my calling.

After completion of college at Saint Mary’s College in Maryland, I then moved to Widener University in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I graduated in Spring 2005. Throughout law school, I wanted to hone my litigation skills as well as get practical, real-world experience.

My internships included:

  • Working at the Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. in Maryland where I helped and assisted a number of income clients on issues from family law, landlord-tenant, social security disability benefits, and a host of other civil related issues.
  • Working at Ahmed Law in Harrisburg, PA for an immigration law firm in which I would handle and assist a number of clients for immigration-related matters.
  • Working at the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office helping prosecute various criminal matters.
  • Working in the Civil Law Trial Advocacy Program where, under the direction of Professors, I represented low-income individuals in a variety of civil related matters.

In the Fall of 2007, I decided I wanted to join a Firm that I could establish long-lasting ties. I was given the opportunity when I join the Law Offices of James Crawford, Jr., and Associates. At that time, I was hired as an associate attorney. My primary tasks would be to handle the Firm’s domestic caseload as well as handle a variety of the criminal related matters.

By the Fall of 2010, I was elevated to Senior Associate and head of the Domestic Department. The focus of my practice deals strictly with handling domestic relations matters. I have held this title to date.

One of the many positive attributes that have been gained throughout my nine years of employment here is that vast depth of experience that I have gained. I have been in virtually every Courthouse in the State of Maryland. To be blunt, there is not a Courtroom that I have not seen.

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