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Honor Board Hearings & Defense

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When a student in college or university and on the honor roll is accused of a child sex crime or endangering a child, it can rapidly lead to the unraveling of their entire academic career. Rather than being able to discuss the situation with a law enforcement agency to create a defense case, the student will most likely undergo an honor board hearing. The panelists at the hearing will be part of the faculty, but they will essentially have the power to judge them guilty or innocent.

You should not allow an honor board hearing panel decide your fate and future without doing everything you can to defend yourself. Even though you will not be in a legal courtroom as a college or university student accused of a child sex crime, you have the right to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Come to James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates to work with a team of Baltimore child sex crimes defense lawyers backed by decades of experience with a focus on sex crime defense cases in particular.

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Preparing for Your Honor Board Hearing

As a college or university student on an honor roll, you have an incredible future ahead of you, as long as your educational path is not interrupted. Few things can derail your education like an honor board hearing spurred on by accusations of child sexual abuse. Due to societal expectations and biases, you are probably already under an unfair, one-sided light. The honor board hearing panelists will likely assume you are guilty and be pressured to penalize you.

Penalties that can be used against you in an honor board hearing include:

  • Ejected from certain classes
  • Expulsion from the entire school
  • Removal from the honor roll
  • Revocation of educational accreditation

To prepare for your honor board hearing, our Baltimore college student defense attorneys will want to collect as much evidence as we can to use in your case. Online conversations, testimonials from trustworthy sources, and even your own class schedules to create alibis should all be considered. We will work closely with you to do all we can to make certain your educational career and your future is unhindered.

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You deserve a fair chance to explain the situation and protect your education when an honor board hearing is called for your review, following child sex crime accusations. There might be no criminal case pending but the board can still penalize you harshly. Take the initiative right now by contacting our Baltimore criminal defense attorneys and arranging an initial consultation.

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