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False Memory Syndrome (FMS) in Maryland

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Have you been accused of a sex crime by someone you barely remember, or possibly cannot even recall meeting once? Are you feeling absolutely stumped and blindsided by the accuser’s statements made about what you allegedly had done, something you cannot remember? The problem might not be your memory, but the accuser’s, who might be experiencing false memory syndrome (FMS).

People who have false memory syndrome staunchly believe something happened when there is no other evidence of it occurring — due to the fact that it did not happen in reality. At James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, our Baltimore sex crimes attorneys know that FMS is a recurring problem in many sex crime cases. Accusers are often coerced by others into providing testimonies of sexual assault that simply did not happen. We are ready to use our decades of total legal experience to protect your rights from false accusations and unjust convictions.

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Questioning Repressed Memories of Child Sex Abuse

While false memory syndrome can clearly be a problem in any criminal investigation or case, it tends to occur most often during cases of alleged child sexual abuse. It is always a difficult task to get an honest, reliable, and consistent testimony from children, who might not even understand the basics of the criminal justice system. When investigators and prosecutors urge a child to “remember what happened,” the result can easily be the child creating complete fabrications because they believe it is what the adults in the room want to hear. After enough time goes by and prosecutors keep insisting for the child to retell their story, the child, who is naturally susceptible to manipulation, can start to earnestly believe in their own lies. The end result is yet another case of FMS.

Ways FMS can be created in a sex crimes case:

  • Insisting the victim “must” know more about the alleged crime.
  • Planting ideas in the victim’s head by using leading questions.
  • Awarding the victim whenever they provide more information, as if it is a game.
  • Claiming a victim’s testimony is fact before it ever goes to court.

Criminal Defense Representation Dedicated to Using Real Facts

No matter what sort of stories the prosecution tries to prop up as reality, and regardless how much your accuser believes their own false memories, the truth can always prevail — with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Come to our law firm and work with a winning team of Baltimore sex crimes attorneys now. We are ready to craft a defense strategy based on the actual facts of the alleged situation, and we do not back down when our clients’ futures are on the line.

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