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Inappropriate Touching Defense in Maryland

Sex Crimes Attorneys in Baltimore

With today’s headlines where many prominent people have been accused of inappropriate touching and sex offense cases, it is no wonder anyone he was accused of such a crime is almost immediately put on the defensive. Increased public attention to sex crimes has led to an increase in false allegations of crimes. Many face dire consequences even in cases where the charges are baseless.

Inappropriate touching involves touching of the person or asking to be touched in the area of the body that could be considered a sexual nature. The seriousness of the charge depends on factors such as the age of the alleged victim and the alleged act itself. You could be subject to jail time and sex offender registration, as well as lengthy probation and fines if you’re convicted.

Examples of inappropriate touching may include:

  • Touching private parts
  • Typical sexual acts
  • Sitting on the lap of a defendant
  • Alleged gestures

Sometimes the best defense to an alleged crime such as inappropriate touching is right before everyone’s eyes. In other words, look at the surrounding circumstances and put the pieces together step-by-step. An effective Baltimore criminal defense lawyer can make sure the state or federal government understands all the facts before making a decision to charge you in the situation.

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